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Roundup of Nine DIY Dye Tutorials I’ve posted PART ONE (since I’m seeing really good DIYs on the DIY/everything tag):

  1. DIY Tie Dye Denim (Honestly…WTF) here.
  2. DIY Multi Color Dyed Shorts the Easy Way with Spray On Dye (prêt-à-porter palm beach) here.
  3. DIY Four Bleached Tee Shirt Tutorials Using stencils, tape, and squirt bottles (Maya in the Moment) here.
  4. DIY Dip Dye - sprinkling dry die on fabric (Free People) here. via   littlecraziness 
  5. DIY Boxer Shorts to Pretty Lacey Pink Sleep Shorts (Trinkets in Bloom) here.
  6. DIY Bleach Tie Dye Jeans (Here Is Now) here.
  7. DIY Dip Dye Ombre Denim (Swellmayde) here.
  8. DIY Tie Dye Denim by directly applying dye (Swellmayde) here.
  9. DIY Bleach Painting of Fabric (A Beautiful Mess) here. 


Roundup of Nine Easy DIY Tee Shirt Restyle Tutorials Part Two (by request):  

  1. DIY Woven Tee Shirt Restyle (Trash to Couture) here.
  2. DIY Red Valentino Bow Back Cotton Jersey T-Shirt (inspiration & realisation) here.
  3. DIY No Sew Bathing Suit Cover Up. Made from a T Shirt (Wobisobi) here.
  4. DIY Shredded Tee (Childhood Flames) here.
  5. DIY Kate Spade Tee Shirt Restyle (make it & fake it) here.
  6. DIY No Sew T-Shirt Refashion (Fine & Feathered) here.
  7. DIY Tee Shirt Restyle Using Crochet Trim on the Sides (Trash to Couture) here.
  8. DIY Bleach Painting on Tee Shirts (A Beautiful Mess) here.
  9. DIY Tee Shirt Restyle with a Basket Weave Back (Trash to Couture) here.


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